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tv   Journal  LINKTV  July 3, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> welcome to "the journal" coming to you live from berlin. >> good to have you with us. these are our top stories. >> tensions are rising between palestinians and israelis as israel massing a truce at the gaza strip. >> the start of the first world war, joined by a well-known voice from france. >> brazil is preparing for its quarterfinal clash against columbia on friday.
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israel has been deploying extra forces to its border with gaza after continued palestinian rocket fire. soldiers had been reported wounded and there have been palestinian casualties in the gaza strip. >> tensions have been high following the suspected revenge killing of a teenager. in that city, a second day of violent clashes with israeli security forces have left dozens of palestinians injured. >> uproar on the streets of east jerusalem. palestinian protesters burned tires and set flags alight. the violence comes a day after the abduction and killing of a 16-year-old. family members are still waiting for israeli authorities to release his body. palestinians blame the killing on radical jews. the city's top muslim cleric has made it clear who he thinks is the culprit.
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>> the israeli government was completely responsive to this heinous crime. >> both sides have been exchanging rocket fire. israeli rocket slammed into gaza in the early hours. they said they fired at 15 targets. doctors say an number of palestinians were injured. militants in gaza also launched attacks, firing dozens of missiles into southern israel. two houses were hit. the israeli army is beefing up its forces along the border with the gaza strip. hundreds of israelis attended ed a miss ration against violence in jerusalem. the message on the sign reads, we do not have enough children for more revenge. but for now, the calls for peace
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are falling on deaf ears full -- on deaf ears on both sides. >> we asked if we thought -- if the israeli response was appropriate. >> it is not because of violence was before the abduction and killing of the three israeli settlers though we don't know yet the details. i just remind that we are still under occupation. israeli settlements are rated every day. they announced new settlements. this is the situation. it was never actually protected for our people. so, what has happened is a pretext to undermine the national unity government to
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provoke the palestinian to undermine the palestinian authority since we have no authorization, not an area a, b, c. i don't think that this is in the interest of the israeli government, the lack of any political perspective, the ongoing occupation, the violation of international law. the killing of innocent people, the collective punishment of the palestinian people. this is leading to this violence and i think that this has to be stopped by the israeli occupying power by its armed settlers and international community is also asked to have immediate reaction to provide international protection for our people. >> what can mahmoud abbas and
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the plo do to restore normalcy? >> well, i should also remind that the palestinian authority that the palestinian political leadership has no control at all over the areas which compromised 60% of the palestine. so, this is the problem. the state of palestine could guarantee the security of israel . this is what should happen. what we are doing is that from day one, we stated that we are against the killing of civilians. we need protections for our people, that there should be a political solution. the failure of any negotiation lease to this violence and what we need now is to go back to a political solution, the recipe we know is the two state solution. the escalation of the situation
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today will make it difficult. the realization of the solution which is now very difficult, almost impossible. >> the palestinian investor to journey -- to germany, thank you very much. >> 32 turkish drivers have been freed. they were held by isis militants taken in a mass kidnapping. >> the turkish foreign minister said the men were mainly in good condition. the news was greeted with a spontaneous celebration by the family members of one of the captives. there still no word on the fate of another 49 turkish citizens. tensions remain high in the region. saudi arabia has deployed about 30,000 of its troops along the border with iraq.
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soldiers have been abandoning their posts along the border. >> iraq and saudi arabia share an 800 kilometer frontier. isis fighters control large parts of northern and western iraq. soldiers are struggling to keep the militants from capturing more territory and from reaching the capital. the ukrainian president has named a new defense minister and top general as his forces press on with an offensive to oust separatists. >> that is claiming an increasing toll on civilian lives and is forcing thousands to flee their home. the high commissioner for refugees says 10,000 people fled ukraine to russia since the fighting began. >> daily necessities like food and clean water are becoming scarce. >> for these people, war has become a fact of life.
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despite the danger, many are trying to go about their daily routines. in the current situation, there is little other choice. how can we live? we have nowhere to run. we would like to leave but there was nowhere to go. >> ukrainian army is stepping up its offensive against pro-russian separatists. it is struggling to end their uprising. the ukrainian president has announced changes to the military's top brass, they hope the newly appointed defense minister will find a way to put down the rebellion. the president was to keep diplomacy alive. this is until western diplomats.
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for these people, that cannot come soon enough. it is not just the violence that worries them, they're also running out of money and food. our pension hasn't been paid for three months or child benefits. i don't know how many we live. locals to the armies showed this after rebel started firing on tanks from inside of the houses. for many, it is not matter who started it. they just wanted to and. >> now, the u.s. embassy has warned of what it is calling a specific threat against the countries main international airport. >> an unknown terrorist group is threatening to carry out an attack at the airport this
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evening between :00 and 11:00 opel time. they are urging passengers to review their plans. >> this comes after the u.s. requested tighter security at certain airports for unspecified reasons. >> security and largest airport has been stepped up in response to the request. washington is refusing to give details of the new deed cap -- of the new measures. u.s. officials say they hope the steps will not cause delays at airports. especially as a holiday season gets underway. experts say it is likely to mean greater inconvenience for passengers. >> this will mean an increase in the number of random searches. the increase in the number of people that might need to remove
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their shoes if they're going on certain flights. >> it is unclear exactly what triggered the order to enhance security. the u.s. says there's no immediate risk but the plans have been in the pipeline for several weeks. but the threat posed by european and western jihadi's returning from serious andy roddick is fueling concerns. in this video, ag heidi boasts of the bond making skills he has acquired while fighting in the middle east. he also posted a picture on twitter of explosive devices, he says he is made, and that are ready to use. the extra vigilance comes as reports emerged that the u.s. believes that al qaeda is trying to make a new kind of bomb. it cannot be detected by normal
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scanners. one that does not contain metal and could be implanted into the body of a bomber. >> china's president is on a two-day state visit to south korea. >> this is on economic relations between beijing as sole as well as ongoing tensions with north korea. leaders say they oppose the program. the business regarded as a snub to north korea. this is the fifth meeting with the south korean president. north korea's leader has yet to be invited. japan has taken a step towards improving relations with the communist north. >> the japanese prime minister says that he would lift some of japan's economic sanctions in return for john yang's -- john yang's decision.
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this summer marks the 100th anniversary of the start of one of the greatest catastrophes of the 20th century. >> that were left millions dead. it read through the borders of europe and pave the way for another global concentration. the german parliament stopped to remember those in a solemn ceremony. >> the first world war is often considered to be the first industrialized war. it involved guns, tanks, and poison gas. it was thought in europe, the middle east, africa, east asia, and at sea. 17 million people lost their lives. the initial enthusiasm for the war turns to horror on all sides. in his speech to the german parliament, he said the two world wars affected germany much more than other european nations. >> the federal republic of germany is and remains a special
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case in europe. it was not built in the principle of a nationstate. in stand, it was from a political philosophy that reflect and stalin as a regional leader. >> president said overcoming militarism had made germany into the country it is today. >> we learned much later that military measures are fundamentally the wrong means to achieve political change. the federal republic of germany was the first country in the world to make conscientious objection a basic constitutional right. >> delegates also highlighted present-day conflicts in the world and said it was necessary to learn from the lessons of the past. >> we are going to a short break but when we come back. >> and its looser for port on
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what it is like to be a parent of one of the nigerian schoolgirls who had been kidnapped by boko haram. we will have another story. >> don't go away. we will be right back with that anymore. >> day with us. >> welcome back to the show. it has been 80 days since more than 200 schoolgirls were kidnapped in northern nigeria by the islamist group, boko haram. >> the fate of those young girls sparked a global campaign to exert pressure on the government to rescue them but so far they remain in the hands of their abductors. >> this woman has barely slept for weeks since the disappearance of her daughter. the girl was taking exams at school back in april when she was kidnapped by boko haram terrorists. >> my daughter loved sewing after school. she dreamed of buying her own
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sewing machine after she finished her exams. then she wanted to start her own business. my daughter is a very sweet and modest person. >> here in the northeast of nigeria, heard daughter and nearly 300 of the girls were kidnapped, loaded onto trunks and driven away. the school was destroyed and is now been closed. this pile of abandoned clothing is the last remaining side of the missing girls. locals complain of lack of security forces. on sunday, boko haram struck again, attacking nearby villages. >> the federal government has proved to us that they are not bringing back our girls. so, we don't have any confidence in the federal government.
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>> frustration and anger east of nigeria and increasing every day. the parents of the affected girls cannot understand why the government is not able to bring back their children. despite all of the promises and the international support. instead, boko haram is bombing and killing people every day and throwing the region farther back into turmoil. >> in the capital, the government is working to bring the girls home safely. deutsche welle sources say they have been split into three groups. intervention is seen as an unacceptably high risk. >> you don't take this approach when you have such delicate lives held hostage and you know how deadly hostage situations should be. we want them optimize our intelligence, our inking cap of the best approach to rescue
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those girls. >> they hold that hope that negotiations will secure her daughter's safe return. even if the boko haram is demand in the release of prisoners as a swap. >> politicians and internet activists are turning up the heat on the u.s. as a look for answers about the nsa's spying program. >> a commission looking into the nsa surveillance scandal got underway. the first item business was asking to employees to tell us what they know. >> he was the first insider to testify before germany's newly formed inquiry committee. the former tenneco chief turned whistleblower. he quit his job after 30 years in protest of the agencies mass data collection. he told makers that the nsa seeks total information control.
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>> the u.s. is trying to control every bit of information worldwide. they will stop at nothing, they have even spied on their own citizens. if they would do that, surely they will not shy away from foreigners. they will spy on anything that moves. >> the computer science didn't operated a server that help users hide their online activities. but as he would soon find out, there is no hiding from the nsa. >> for a foreign intelligence agency to track all of the users that are connected to my server, which i operate here in germany, that is a major invasion of my privacy. >> the outrage is likely to grow as another former staffer scheduled to testify before the bundestag committee.
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the social democrats are demanding a judicial investigation. >> the german legislators have approved the introduction of a minimum wage. the new law mandates a minimum of eight euros and $.50 an hour for most job starting in 2015. >> they approved the bill. studies show that some four and a half million workers will be profiting from the new roles including barbers, construction workers, a number of traits, seasonal workers, newspaper delivery people would be exempt. >> some positive jobs numbers out of the u.s.. a very good day for stocks on thursday. we have a wrapup of all of the action from frankfurt. >> and employment rate in the u.s. went down to six .1%. this is the lowest level since six years from now and a clear sign that the u.s. economy may be back on track pretty soon. analysts and investors in the
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u.s. have been delighted at the wall street, dow jones went above 17,000 points for the first time. and the news also give a boost to german shares, the dax continue to rally also because of the fact that the ecb left interest rates unchanged and the ecb director promised that the interest rates would be kept low for a long time. >> let's get a look at those market numbers for you. we will stay in frankfurt. the dax closing the day above that 10,000 level. it has been flirting with it for a while but it managed to close. for the u.s. stock 50, it was higher in new york. the dow jones industrial average above 17,000 four the first time ever. as for the euro-dollar, one euro will get you one dollar and $.36. >> a rest day today at the world
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cup finals. >> friday sees germany take on france in a mouthwatering clash of european quality. >> does the team have the confidence to overcome their neighbors? >> the german squad in route to rio where they will face france in what promises to be a tough match on friday. excited fans turned out to which the players well and snatch a quick photo before the bus disappears into the darkness. earlier, the stars of the match against algeria, they took questions at a press conference. , one hot topic is whether the captain should be met -- moved from defense to midfield. >> we tend to have more attacking strength with filibuster right back. but i have no problem if he is in midfield. he performs pretty much perfectly.
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>> as -- took a brief stroll, his squad had the chance for some r and r. jerome took a swing. later, the team went through a light training session. some of the players have the sniffles but the words that everyone will be fit to take on france. >> i predict a very intense match. both sides are packed with top-notch players, the best of the best. it would be a real tug-of-war. >> a duel of to european football powerhouses and the german team confident of booking a slot in the semi finals. >> we will see how they do. the pressure is growing on the host, brazil to win the world cup on home turf for the first time. >> we sent our reporter to the brazilian squads very secretive training quarters to see what they're up to.
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the trip away from the bustle of rio, just around the corner is a place where the brazilian came to relax and that is not where they will escape to. this is often the public but they still need dozens of fans and they were expecting nothing less than the title from their team. >> expectations are huge. >> they cannot fail, they will become world champions. >> they cannot lose and we cannot think they can. positive thinking. >> so, failure is not an option. luckily, i have a press invitation so i'm able to get a bit closer. so, this is the place. this is where the brazilians prepare to write history. >> i've never experienced anything like it. i asked my colleagues how the squad is dealing with the
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pressure. no one wants a repeat of the 1950 world cup when brazil lost the final match. >> this comparison that people are drawn is terrible because it creates mental and emotional confusion. now we have a problem that nobody expected. >> they are feeling the pressure because they are too young. our best player is 22, his first world cup. the psyche is a complex thing. today, the talk is of the coach's decision to call in the team psychologist to offer emotional support of the player. the press officer has ideas. >> maybe the best way is to create the self protection, don't watch so much, don't read so much. don't hear so much. talk with each other and leave the outside, you know. correct the problem is a journalist and he and less appetite for stories. they are enough to play down
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suggestions that the team is cracking up. >> there were a couple that were very emotional. we were all very tense and nervous than improving normal. >> today, the reserves are out on the field, while the starting 11 or on the bench, the training sessions are being brought with live tv. the whole world is looking at what is happening here. if they really want to win this cup, their only chance is to cool down and not to think too much what everyone expects from them. >> maybe the team psychologist can help out with that. >> we will see. we will see who wins. >> thank you for joining us. we will see you again at the top of the hour. >> leave it here.
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>> we begin with simmering tensions in east jerusalem. relatives of a murdered palestinian teenager are preparing to hold his funeral. it's thought that the killing of the 17-year-old was to avenge the deaths of three jewish teenagers who were buried on tuesday. mahmudestinian president abbas is pointing the finger of blame at jewish soldiers. meanwhile the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu earlier call the killing despicable. we will take a listen now to what the israeli prime minister had to say a short while ago.


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